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Businesses rely on call center services to deliver a seamless customer experience. Organizations such as property management, parts sales companies, service based companies, banks and telecom companies require call center services to  handle inbound and outbound calls from current and potential customers.  

The quality of call center services directly impact your customer experience. If client service is your priority, you should not only focus on handling inbound calls but also on addressing customer concerns, sharing information, and providing fresh opportunities for sales. Providing consistent and premium customer support is important to foster trust and boost revenue. 

While businesses rely on common support services such as tech support and lead generation, our call centers deliver customized solutions. Our call support team at Backend Business Solutions is skilled enough to handle any type of call. Our knowledgeable team guarantees the best customer experience for your business by promptly answering their queries. We offer inbound and outbound calls, sales and cold calls, promotions, and customer surveys. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on managing an in-house call center, our affordable call center services got you covered. With our professional expertise, you can now focus on acquiring new clients.

Key Advantages of Call Center Services

Customer Support

Customer support is at the core of call center services. A well-equipped support team will offer a comprehensive range of services, including prompt resolution of customer issues, handling inquiries and sharing information. A reliable call center will leverage the expertise of different communication channels to improve accessibility and responsiveness. Call center agents communicate with customers via telephone calls, emails, chat support and social media. The real time customer feedback is used to improve the overall customer experience.

Inbound Calls

Inbound call center services focus on answering inbound calls. In this type of service, call center agents address any issues raised by customers. Apart from addressing customer queries, they also offer help if customers need any guidance or support. The ultimate goal of an inbound call center service is to resolve as many problems as possible. However, the volume of customer inquiries handled by a call center service may vary on each day. Businesses can handle seasonal volume using inbound call center services.

Outbound Calls

The main goal of an outgoing call center service is to facilitate sales opportunities for businesses. This type of call center service is primarily used for generating leads, creating appointments etc. Outbound calls include sales and cold calls, customer surveys and promotions. However, businesses also use this service to engage actively with the audience. For example, you may get a call from your newly recruited bank manager. He or she might call you to introduce themselves and ask if we need any assistance.

Data Management

Call center services facilitate data management by collecting valuable data from customer interactions. Call center agents can rely on an extensive repository of customer data to refine their existing market strategies. This information, including customer feedback, interests and concerns help businesses identify market trends and upgrade their products or services. Thus call center services help improve the overall customer experience by managing, storing and retrieving data with the help of analytic tools.Thus call centers help businesses take actionable insights.

Two Reasons Why you Should Outsource your Call Center Services

Improved Customer Experience

Improved Customer Experience

Call centers help improve customer experience by handling inbound and outbound calls. They handle customer inquiries and resolve issues via different communication channels, ranging from voice calls, emails, social media and chat support.

Drive Business Growth

Drive Business Growth

Outsourcing call center services may provide businesses with the opportunity to focus on their core faculties such as marketing strategies.Call center services improve operational efficiency by reducing operational costs like training an in-house team.



In how many languages do you provide call center services?


Our call center agents provide services mainly to English speaking clients. If needed, we can employ native language speakers to cater to unique requirements.


What are the best call center features?


Depending on the specific requirements of your business, call center services may provide you features such as interactive voice response (IVR), which facilitate automatic routing of incoming calls and provide options for self-service. Other features include call monitoring and recording and data analytics.


Why should a business outsource their call center services?


Outsourcing call center services will significantly reduce operational costs for a business. Instead of training an in-house team for customer support, businesses can easily rely on inbound and outbound call center services, to improve their customer experience and focus on their core business competencies.


What type of businesses do you serve?


We offer call center services to any business that approaches us, irrespective of its size or industry. Our team has a global presence, and we are committed to providing our services to small, medium and large businesses anywhere in the world.


How do you ensure compliance in your call center services?


Failure to comply with rules set out by a regulatory body may affect a call center’s reputation. Laws for call center compliance may differ from one country to another. For example, call center agents should seek permission before recording calls.

Find The Right Call Center Services Provider
Identify your Call Center Requirements
  • Create a list of your call center requirements

Reach out to service providers and collect information
  • Collect information about prospective service providers

Compare prices and offerings of service providers
  • Compare prices and services before deciding the right fit.

Once decided, monitor performance
  • After choosing a call center, keep monitoring their services.


Backend Business Solutions transformed our customer support for a major home appliance business. With their excellent services, our team can now focus on business growth while they efficiently handle customer needs and provide prompt solutions.

Judy | Canada

Our real estate business in Dubai has witnessed a remarkable enhancement in online customer support and sales. Outsourcing to Backend has made it seamless - no staff commitments, savings on residency visas, and extras. Notably, our sales have seen improvement..

Hasan | UAE

Being a startup in Saudi Arabia's competitive food delivery scene, we wisely chose Backend Business Solutions to avoid committing to overheads. Their seamless operation has significantly boosted our business, and we're sticking with them as they continue to run it smoothly.

Rafiya | Jeddah

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