We conduct customized campaigns with a defined strategy and plan in mind to get ideal quality-oriented results. Backend Business Solutions is PPC agency Riyadh offers professionals who will analyze your market and decide the most effective campaign for your business, regardless of the industry you service.

Pay-per-click marketing is one type of digital marketing that can help you achieve your campaign goals rapidly. You pay an amount for the platform on which you wish to publish an ad in this type of advertising. The cost is decided by the keywords to be targeted and the platform where the ad will be published.

If you've fallen behind your top competitors, a PPC campaign can help you catch up. By strategically optimizing specific components of your website, content, and paid adverts, you may place yourself high in the eyes of the proper people, resulting in increased traffic and sales.

At Backend Business Solutions, We Offer;

  • Premium tools and analytics are used to increase conversions, and manage, and supervise PPC advertising campaigns.
  • Qualitative and Promising Outcomes.
  • Management of best-in-class PPC advertising campaigns for swift results.
  • Data-driven approach Optimisation and regular PPC advertising campaign changes based on A/B testing metrics.
  • Prompt Reporting.
  • Comprehensive monthly summary of outcomes with analysis.
  • Certified PPC Advertising Professional is managed by PPC advertising experts who follow the best industry practices.

The Four-Step Process of PPC Ads

Selection of Keywords: Pay-per-click ads need well-chosen keywords. To succeed in PPC advertisements, they must accurately represent what you offer potential clients. Therefore, avoid broad or imprecise terms and use long-tail keywords. Your keywords shouldn't be too competitive: millions of bidders make it hard to rank higher. Let our professionals learn about your brand and needs to create keywords that hit the mark.

Development of Landing Pages: Your second stage in PPC is creating a landing page to give customers an excellent user experience and make them like your business. Customers can obtain information, solutions, and answers to inquiries about your service or product on landing pages. Our experts create landing pages that target keywords to attract more visitors.

Creation of PPC Ads: After choosing keywords and creating landing pages, we write advertising for your products or services. PPC ads must have a headline and urge Internet visitors to act. Your keywords are usually bolded in the ad headline to attract customers. The headline can include other pertinent information if needed. The second PPC-ad feature encourages Internet visitors to ‘act’—contact the company, buy, subscribe, etc.

Tracking Progress and Results: Progress transparency is one of the key reasons PPC campaigns are so popular. Viewing metrics like bounce rate, impression rate, CTR, and other feedback can help you track results. These statistics might help you enhance your PPC strategy by identifying omissions and flaws. Finally, PPC advertisements boost sales.

Why Invest in PPC Advertising

Paid ads are clicked on by around 65% of consumers who search for things they are ready to buy. They are also 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors.

When launching a PPC campaign, your strategy is based on extensive market research, which includes the most relevant keywords you've uncovered, increasing your chances of success.

However, it does not stop there; with PPC advertising, you have the option of tracking the campaign's performance. You can test different keywords, business models, markets, clients, and everything else.

You will not have to guess why a specific campaign was more or less effective because you will have all of the data at your disposal.

Your Personal PPC Advertising Partner

With an endless list of campaign parameters, you have an infinite number of options that determine the campaign's eventual outcome. You choose the budget, keywords, and their placement, audience, market, and so on.

If the results are positive, you can immediately scale up, or you can suspend everything. PPC campaigns are also popular because they allow you to make quick changes while your advertisements are running, allowing you to test your ideas and recent discoveries on the go.

Never again will you be concerned about wasting time and resources on marketing activities that may or may not yield a return. You can target a specific audience, area, marketing channel, etc. based on detailed market research and prior campaigns. Overall, you will reach out to those who are most likely to convert, increasing your sales and earnings.

Optimization Procedures for Campaign Run

A variety of tasks are done regularly to ensure the campaign runs well and meets expectations.

Bid Optimisation: Bids are changed daily to maximize ROI for your PPC advertising campaign, including optimizing bids for the optimal hours of the day for brand visibility.

Negative Keywords: Finding and eliminating keywords that return incorrect results. Identifying and incorporating related keywords into the PPC advertising campaign to improve outcomes.

Landing page Optimization: Landing page research and upgrading customer experience boost conversion rates and PPC Advertising ROI.

Google Support: When a team of Google-certified PPC Advertising experts handles your campaign, you can speak directly with Google about account issues.

Conversion Setup: Tracking code setup improves advertising decisions for everyone. With sufficient data, all judgments are based on the number of best statistical readings.

Competitor and Trend Analysis: Staying ahead of the competition requires tracking and monitoring. Additionally, PPC Advertising campaigns should use all trends to increase interaction.

Detecting False Clicks: Taking all steps to avoid acts that could lead to wasted clicks. Additionally, tracks valid and qualified PPC advertising leads.

Budget Utilization: Maintaining a low cost per click for PPC advertising campaigns allows for more efficient use of allotted funds.

Accounting Audit: A thorough assessment of your PPC advertising campaigns and the lowest points over time.

Customised  PPC Campaigns

Customised PPC Campaigns

Our experience is in developing personalized PPC strategies that are linked to your specific business goals. We manage keyword selection carefully, using in-depth analysis to optimize your ads. We improve your advertising through systematic A/B testing, ensuring that each click maximizes its impact, delivering significant traffic and conversions to your website.

Total PPC Management Services

Total PPC Management Services

Entrust your complete PPC presence to us. We cover every aspect, from account setup for newbies to professionally managing Search Advertising, Google Shopping Ads, Display Ads, and Remarketing Ads. Our expertise ensures that your advertisements resound successfully across platforms, resulting in important leads and high-converting engagements for your company.



What services does Backend Business Solutions offer as a PPC Agency in Riyadh?


Backend Business Solutions is a premier PPC agency in Riyadh, providing expert Pay-Per-Click advertising services. Our PPC experts specialize in creating targeted ad campaigns, keyword research, ad copywriting, bid management, and performance analysis. We optimize PPC campaigns to maximize your ROI and increase website traffic.


How can Backend Business Solutions help my business with PPC services in Riyadh?


Backend Business Solutions offers tailored PPC services in Riyadh designed to drive quality leads and enhance your online visibility. Our experienced team conducts extensive keyword research to identify high-converting keywords for your business. We create compelling ad copies and optimize landing pages, ensuring a seamless user experience. 


Is Backend Business Solutions the right PPC Company in Riyadh for my business?


Absolutely! Backend Business Solutions is the trusted choice for businesses in Riyadh seeking effective PPC solutions. Our experienced PPC professionals understand the local market dynamics and consumer behavior in Riyadh. We tailor our PPC strategies to align with the unique needs of your business, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement. 


What sets Backend Business Solutions apart as a PPC Agency in Riyadh?


Backend Business Solutions stands out as a leading PPC agency in Riyadh due to our strategic approach, in-depth market analysis, and focus on ROI-driven results. We meticulously craft PPC campaigns, targeting specific audience segments and utilizing advanced bidding strategies.


How long does it take to see results from PPC campaigns managed by Backend Business Solutions in Riyadh?


The timeline to see significant results from our PPC campaigns in Riyadh can vary based on factors like industry competitiveness and campaign complexity. However, our team at Backend Business Solutions prioritizes quick wins through targeted ad placements and efficient bidding strategies. 


What types of businesses benefit most from PPC services offered by Backend Business Solutions in Riyadh?


Backend Business Solutions caters to businesses of all sizes and industries in Riyadh seeking immediate and measurable results through PPC advertising. Whether you're a start-up looking for rapid brand exposure or an established enterprise aiming to increase online sales, our PPC services are customized to meet your specific objectives. 

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