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The global mobile app development market is booming, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is embracing the trend. People spend hours glued to their screens in this digital era, and it is hard to not find a smartphone user. If your business is aiming to directly reach a tech-savvy audience, a mobile app is exactly what you are looking for. Reach out to our team of mobile app developers to design user-friendly and best applications for both iOS and Android platforms. 

iOS and Android app developers in KSA: Design Your Mobile App

Elevate your business in Saudi Arabia by launching a mobile app that serves your customers in a unique way. We are a leading mobile app development company, providing custom-made app solutions for any industry that seeks our expertise. Our loyal clientele is spread across the KSA, including cities like Riyadh. Our team of Android and iOS app developers have an in-depth understanding of the Saudi Arabian market. This helps them design apps that deliver an immersive experience for mobile users of the Kingdom.

Boost Your Business With Value-Added Mobile Apps



Which platform is the best for mobile app development?


The best platform for mobile app development depends on project requirements. iOS is preferred for a premium audience, while Android offers broader market reach. Cross-platform frameworks like Flutter and React Native provide cost-effective solutions.



What programming languages are used by your team of mobile app developers?


Our team of mobile app developers use frameworks like Flutter for cross-platform applications. We use Dart, a programming language in Flutter for developing fast and efficient apps. For the Android platform, our developers use Kotlin.


Will Backend Business Solutions help us with app maintenance and updates post launch?


Yes. Backend Business Solutions offers comprehensive post-launch support, including app maintenance and updates. Our team ensures your mobile app remains optimized, secure, and aligned with evolving business needs.


What do you charge for your mobile app development services in Saudi Arabia?


As a mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia, we tailor our solutions to your unique project needs. For a personalized quote and detailed pricing information, please reach out to our team.


Our business in Riyadh experienced a 40% increase in revenue within three months of launching the mobile app. It streamlined our operations, increased customer engagement, and improved overall brand visibility.

Hassan | Riyadh

As a healthcare provider in Saudi Arabia, the mobile app increased patient appointments by 30%, enhancing overall accessibility and efficiency in medical services

Darren | Jeddah

The mobile app developed for our restaurant chain in Dammam resulted in a 35% increase in online orders. The seamless user experience and loyalty program attracted and retained more customers.

Abdallah | Dammam

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